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With insurance costs going up, the concept of patients paying directly to providers for personalized and accessible care is becoming more appealing.

Direct primary care doesn’t require you to use health insurance for preventative care such as pap smears, breast exams, or to get blood work done. In fact, many patients choose direct primary care for financial reasons.


Four Office Visits Annually

Same or next-day appointments for urgent issues. Evening and weekend appointments upon request.

Easy Communication

Email and phone access to the health care provider, after hours and on weekends for urgent care needs

Same or Next Day Appointments

Members get priority access appointments.  Same and next-day appointments are often available.

Preventative Visits Included

Preventive care helps detect or prevent serious diseases and medical problems before they can become major.

Breast Exam, Ultrasound, and Pap Smear

breast exams, pelvic ultrasounds, and pap smears are a big part of health checkups for women.
Shady Grove Gyn Care charges patients a monthly membership fee, which includes visits and some additional services such as breast exams and pap smears. Patients have to pay extra for lab work and medications, but they get discounted rates. Direct primary care allows patients to have a monthly payment each month without the costs of working with insurers.
Plan                                                    Rate
Upfront Annual $950
Monthly $89*/mo


*Patients have to pay extra for lab work and medications


Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) encompasses several techniques that allow surgeons to operate through small incisions or natural orifices. MIS includes laparoscopy, mini-laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, robot-assisted surgery, single port surgery and natural orifice techniques.
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