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Just like adults, children and adolescents also require special gynecological care. At Shady Grove, Dr. Shabnam Dadgar is able to provide the various medical services that your daughter might need—whether she is a teen with questions, a younger child with developmental concerns, or an infant with special needs. Pediatric and adolescent gynecology focuses on helping maintain good health as well as diagnosis and treating various medical concerns that can occur in these sensitive areas.

Gynecological issues aren’t solely experienced by adult women. Teens, children, and sometimes even infants are in need of a gynecologist who is able to handle the specific needs that arise during the young patient’s developmental stages. These can include congenital problems that plague newborns from birth as well as conditions that might develop as the child grows.



Unfortunately, sometimes babies are born with health concerns that must be identified and treated as soon as possible. These can include:

  • Mullerian anomalies. This general term refers to any condition in which there is abnormal growth or placement of reproductive organs. This can include the absence of ovaries or a uterus as well as other conditions. Although these anomalies are not often detected until later in life, when problems with menstruation or conception occur, they are classified as congenital because they begin during fetal formation.
  • Imperforate hymen. This occurs when the hymen fails to perforate during development, leading to a blocked vaginal opening.



In addition to congenital disorders, Shady Grove will help identify and treat developmental disorders that could interfere with your children’s ability to grow and develop at a naturally occurring rate.

  • The most common of these disorders include precocious puberty. In such cases, puberty occurs years ahead of a normal schedule, potentially leading to developmental problems later on.
  • In much the same way, a delayed onset of puberty and menstruation, known as primary amenorrhea, is another developmental disorder that requires medical care to treat and manage.


Many girls can have pain and other symptoms during their periods.  Diagnosing the condition can be difficult. We typically will ask about the symptoms that you are experiencing and do an exam which may include an ultrasound.

  • Pelvic pain
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Heavy and irregular periods



We recommend that young women undergo their first gynecologic exam at age 12. This allows them to build a trusting relationship with their doctor or nurse practitioner, become familiar with their bodies, and have a professional resource for any questions they may have.  Young women are also encouraged to schedule an appointment if they have questions about their period, have questions about contraception or STDs, and when they become sexually active.

  • Counseling on the risks of sexual activity
  • Education about abstinence programs
  • Sexually transmitted disease testing (STD Testing)
  • Contraception & pregnancy prevention
  • Counseling on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)




In addition to these problems, there are other adolescent gynecological problems that need professional attention. These include abnormal discharge and bleeding, skin conditions of the vagina, vulva and surrounding areas, ovarian cysts and labial agglutination.

  • Acne problems
  • Excessive male pattern facial and body hair
  • Abnormal discharge and bleeding
  • Skin conditions of the vagina, vulva and surrounding areas
  • Labial agglutination


Depending on the case, different treatments might be needed, including surgery. As a specialist in minimally invasive surgeries, Dr. Dadgar is well-equipped to handle these problems without the need to bring in other specialists. This allows diagnosis, treatments and aftercare to be handled in one place, saving you time, money and worry.

Adolescent and pediatric gynecology is a critical component of Dr. Dadgar’s practice. If you would like to know more about the services Dr. Dadgar and Shady Grove provide, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for a visit, please contact us today!



Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) encompasses several techniques that allow surgeons to operate through small incisions or natural orifices. MIS includes laparoscopy, mini-laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, robot-assisted surgery, single port surgery and natural orifice techniques.
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